Easy image generation with OpenAI DALLE API

With the OpenAI beta-version of image generation API generating cool images for any purpose is made easier than ever. This also solves legal issues, no need to restrict yourself only to publicly available images. The price is $0.02 per 1024x1024 image.

The tutorial is easy to follow but still, here’s mine.

First, install the python PyPi package openai.

pip install openai

Then, create an OpenAI account and an OpenAI secret key

import json
import openai

# replace with your path 
PATH_TO_SCRT_JSON = '<path_to_open_ai_key>.json'

with open(PATH_TO_SCRT_JSON) as f:
    openai.api_key = json.load(f)['key']

Now you’re set up and can generate images by changing text prompts and running the following snippet of code:

PROMPT = "alice in the wonderland unreal engine" # change this
SIZE = "1024x1024" # "512x512" or "256x256" are options as well

response = openai.Image.create(

# this yields an URL like https://oaidalleapiprodscus.blob.core.windows.net/private/org-WUTFv00fIeQoKX1ut6ZAEiJQ/user-fptAMyDoo8NmAY7xDHFjb0AF...

Now paste the URL into your browser and enjoy the result.

Keep in mind that the price is $0.02 per 1024x1024 image, not free but fairly low for modest usage.

Here is another one for the prompt “snowboarding on Mars”.