My projects is an open Machine Learning course by OpenDataScience (, led by me, Yury Kashnitsky. In 2017-2019, I’ve been leading active session of the course, offering essential theoretical ground and a ton of practice (assignments, Kaggle Inclass competitions, projects, etc.). All for free. Some 26k people participated, ~1500 finished the course, I got dozens of direct messages on how passing the course changed careers of alumni. Right now, the course in a self-paced mode, still has much to offer.

In a team project, I lead the development of a cryptonews sentiment barometer that scrapes daily news, scores them with a pre-trained BERT model and visualizes in a comprehensive way. It’s built for fun, I don’t believe you can predict BTC prises with these sentiments. We also don’t plan to sell such predictions through an API (although this is possible) because them maintaining it all is not fun anymore. But I strongly recommend everyone to work in a team on a pet-project at some point, that’s a great experience. I described it in Russian here.