About me & the blog

I am an applied Machine Learning Scientist. Born in Russia, made a world around living 4 years in Israel and 1.5 years in Canada. Then back to Russia. Currently residing in the Netherlands.

In the Data Science community, I’m known for leading open Machine Learning course mlcourse.ai. I graduated from MIPT – Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and got a Ph.D. degree in applied mathematics from the Federal Research Center for Computer Science and Control, Russian Academy of Science (for Russians: it’s the Vorontsov, D’yakonov & Co. group). As for industry, I worked for VK.com (Russian IT-giant, formerly known as Mail.Ru Group), KPN (telco operator in the Netherlands) and Elsevier. See the CV page for more on this.

I’m married and have a small daughter.

About this blog

This blog is about machine learning, mathematics, quantum computation, career development, programming, soft skills, popular science and anything else that I find exciting and (hopefully) can interestingly describe. My long-lasting nickname is Yorko (some African variation of the name Yury). And often times, something new is happening in my life. Hence, I’m titling the blog New Yorko Times. From time to time, I’d write in my native language Russian as well.